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For mounting an uneven surface, four support structures can be implemented in the 3D-file. These will be calculated together with the rest of the model to achieve an even surface.

To save on costs, smaller pieces can be produced together. For this, they have to be aligned horizontally in the corresponding step file.

An offset of minimum 10 mm is necessary to avoid surface defects in the final contour. With an offset of exactly 10 mm the part needs to be mounted very precisely for milling. For higher tolerances, a bigger offset is recommended.

In case the model is not aligned alongside at least one plane in the building space, this needs to be done to produce an even surface. If the model is already aligned, this step can be skipped.

When designing reinforcing ribs < 50 mm in the original 3D-model, ribs with 50 or 100 mm will appear in the CUBES-model. The smaller these designed structures are, the higher will be the probability of getting only 50 mm ribs.


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Volume: Litre
Material: [kg/L] (Range: 0.75 - 1.78)
Price per Litre: 8.56 €
Price Total: 1,712.00 €

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The exact material properties are as individual as the produced parts. The table below gives an overview of what is possible. Adapting one parameter leads to automatic calculation of the other values as well:

Mechanical Properties

Hardness (67-86) [Shore D]:
Tensile Strength (12-21) [MPa]:
Bending Strength (16-41) [MPa]:
E-Modulus (578-5599) [MPa]:
Compressive Strength (22-39) [MPa]:
Density (0.75-1.78) [kg/L]:

Resulting Physical Properties:

Tensile Strain [%]:
Bending Strain [%]:
Heat Resistance (TG) [°C]:
Coefficient of Expansion αT:


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